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Contact Facilitated Systems by email or phone (1-425-374-1845).

Follow Bill Harris at Twitter. You can also find me online in various public mailing lists, including arlist-L, eval-sys, evaltalk, odnet, onlinefacilitation, and system-dynamics .

Facilitated Systems can work with you at your place of business or, using the power of distributed teams, remotely via the Internet and phone.

If you'd like to send me an email or file securely, use my public GnuPG key to encrypt your message or file using GnuPG. WinPT is one Windows frontend to GnuPG; there are others for Windows, Linux, and MacOS listed on the GnuPG site. If you'd like me to encrypt messages or files I send you, provide me your public key or place it on a public keyserver.